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Our wide range of waterproofing services

You can rely on P.Fenn Roofing to guide you through every step of your project. We take pride in providing our customers with expert advice throughout all flat roofing construction phases. And although we think modern, our team is traditionally trained and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship using the latest techniques and materials.


P. Fenn Roofing delivers a wide range of services related to waterproofing. We list just a selection here. You can call us on 07506298185 or use our simple contact form to find out more.


Domestic flat roofing

Ideal for replacing existing tired felt roofs. Our G.R.P flat roofs are 100% on looks and 0% on maintanance which makes is ideal for all domestic flat roofs, with a 20 year guarantee.


Commercial flat roofing

With outstanding durability the G.R.P fibreglass flat roofing system is by far the best seamless hardwearing system on the market today. Ideal for commercial properties that need large or complex areas waterproofed 100% with a 20 year guarantee.


Walkout roof terraces/balconies

Our G.R.P flat roofs come with a non-slip surface if required, Great for all walkout roof terraces or balconies, Full range of colours and non-slip finishes avaliable.



Complete the look of your new extention with our outstanding G.R.P flat roofing system, 100% waterproof 0% maintainence. full colour range and a 20 year guarantee.


Warm Roofs

with the rise of household energy bills, A warm roof can help keep the costs down. With an extra thick layer of insulation, It traps the heat inside your home year after year. 20 year guarantee.



Our finished dormers look great with a new G.R.P flat roof/roofline. Forget about maintainence, No more painting flaking fascia or repairing the tired felt flat roofs. Have it done once by P. Fenn Roofing.


Bay windows flat roofs

Depending on what type of bay window you have Traditional or modern, P. Fenn Roofing can complete the look with a GRP flat roof system. We can imitate the look of a traditional lead rolled roof, but for a fraction of the price. 


Gulley/roof valleys 

 Completely seamless, its the ideal solutions for troublesome areas that with traditional flat roofing products would require ongoing maintainence. P. Fenn Roofing gulleys/valleys are the best for zero maintainence and high performance 100% waterproof.


Garages and sheds

Great for garages and out buildings. P. Fenn Roofing flat roofs offer higher performance and longevity over any existing garage/shed covering on the market today.


Ponds/Swimming pools

P. Fenn Roofing's G.R.P waterproofing system is great for swimming pool linings, Extra thick for added toughness and completely seamless. For ponds there is a range of colours to blend in with any surrounding garden area.


Van linings

With our waterproofing experience we can use the G.R.P system to waterproof the wooden interior of your van which makes it stronger and easier to clean. making vans perfect for waste, rubbish, transportation. Also ideal for refridgeration vehicles.


Roofline services

 full roofline service which includes fascia, soffits, cladding, and guttering and a roofline cleaning service is also avaliable



Repair Service

P. Fenn Roofing offer a repair service for your existing flat roofs and a temporary sheeting service. 


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