P.Fenn Flat Roofing Projects

This one of our warm roofs,with a added layer of rigid insualation to keep you warm and to keep the energy bills down.Great for flat roof dormers,flat roof extensions,and for flat roofs above a living area.Keeps heat loss down much more than a traditional flat roof.

This is one of our Flat Roof dormer roofs with new fascia and guttering.Forget maintanance there is none,no more flakey fascia that need repainting year after year.Have it done once with P.Fenn Roofing and save yourself money.

Bespoke Waterproofing

Whatever flat roof design we have the solution at P.Fenn Roofing. Big, small or complex we can get you watertight 100%

P.Fenn Roofing now Offers A New Rendering Service, Smooth or textured finishes availiable,to complete the look of your propertey leaving it looking great and watertight at the same time.

new rendering service
Van lining before
Van lining complete

P.Fenn Roofing Essex

For all your flat roofing needs.




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